Unique solutions for the Swedish project

22,000 square meter office premises "Citypassagen" will be built in the center of Erebru city near the central station of the city.

We are implementing the project according to the model "Design–build": we are responsible for the design, manufacturing, logistics and construction of building structures. We are implementing it based on BIM – building information modelling.

"Citypassagen", the funding of which is in the amount of 420 million Swedish crone, will stand out due to the environment-friendly solutions. Ecological construction materials will be used in the construction of the building. It will be supplied with green energy, renewable resource heating system and central cooling system.

The building will have unique solutions. There will be installed rain water, intended for the secondary use, collections systems and solar panels that will be attached to the triple layer ferroconcrete facade surface wall panels that we manufacture.

In order to give up cars and promote bike riding, the project provides for way more bike parking spots than car parking spots. There are plans to create possibility to charge electric cars and electric bikes.

It is planned to complete building structure installation works in February of 2018.