New INHUS administrative building

Concretus grupė UAB is investing over EUR 5 million to build a new office building at 6 Žarijų Street, Vilnius. The building will also house the other companies within the Group, including Betono centras UAB, Betono mozaika UAB and Vilniaus aidai UAB, as well as all of the companies belonging to INHUS Group.

INHUS, as the key tenant of the building, is in charge of the project.

To quote Audrius Tulaba, CEO of INHUS Group, “Since we are now in an active expansion phase, both in Lithuania and abroad, we encountered the need to develop a modern and community-based environment, to allow for efficient communication between the companies of the Group, as well as the employees in the plant. We have therefore engaged in projects with pre-cast constructions of reinforced concrete and metal.”

The A+ Energy Class office building with an area of 4 300 sq. m. will be erected in Žarijų street, at a reasonable distance from the city centre, next to the current INHUS office and production facility. The estimated number of work spaces in the building is260.

INHUS is in charge of implementing the project Design - build type, and is therefore fully responsible for the design, production and assembly of the building construction. According to the current estimates, the building construction should be completed in just 3 months, while the employees will move into the office in early 2019.

The head of INHUS Group pointed out that “during the process of designing the building, it was our intention to consider the communication needs of the Group companies and of individual staff members, and to include plans for customised and specialised areas.”

The building features minimalist architecture, and an exterior made of natural materials with concrete and glass. Both the façade and the interior of the building make full use of precast constructions for the exterior and interior finishing, as well as making use of bare and bleached concrete, with flat, matrix and graphic concrete finishing of the surfaces.

The architecture of the building and layout of the engineering systems, and the opportunities offered by precast constructions, have allowed for the development of a fully universal office space that can be readjusted easily, when necessary. Further wings can also be added during future expansions of the building.

The head of INHUS Group believes that in the future, the environment of the building will be developed to include green areas, car parking facilities, bicycle sheds, charging outlets for electric vehicles, as well as an area surrounding the land plot that will include a pedestrian crossing, bus stops, entry points to the territory and street lights.

The new office building, besides being equivalent to the offices situated in the city centre, will include additional features. The employees based there will have ergonomic workplaces, as well as areas for recreation and leisure, such as a fitness centre, sauna and a canteen, at their disposal.

The company believes this latest project will create a new and efficient working area and will contribute to added value, for the benefit of its employees and customers alike. 

In 2017, the sales of Concretus grupė UAB reached EUR 90 million.