INHUS implements a special project

Even though Lithuanian exporters currently face certain challenges in the Swedish market – namely weakened currency and a notable decrease in apartment prices in the construction sector – INHUS expects to continue its growth there.

According to Tadas Raškauskas, Director of Commerce at INHUS, a company that carries out projects reinforced-concrete and steel structures in Lithuania and Scandinavia, the key conditions for a successful operation and growth in income are long-term partnerships and the trust of clients gained over time.

He highlighted that the company has been trusted to design an important state-run project in Sweden – the design, manufacture and installation of constructions of the new 35,000-square-metre building of Ryhov hospital.

“We have been preparing for this project for almost a year, by working with the client from the architectural stage. We had to offer rational solutions that would match strict quality requirements, by taking into account specific technical requirements that apply to hospitals. Only selected providers with the engineering potential and experience could participate in the tender,” Raškauskas explained.

As this is a design-build-type project, the company is fully responsible for it, from the design of the construction elements to the construction work.

“It is our aim to create added value and make life easier for our customers. By providing complex services and making optimal construction solutions at the early stages of a project, before the technical project, we are able to save clients time and resources, reduce risk and ensure more effective communication,” said Raškauskas.

Constructions of the Ryhov hospital should be finished by the end of this year. The project is being carried out using the process of building information modelling (BIM). This ensures successful communication among all participants in the project and also functions as a highly efficient control system, allowing every step of the process to be planned and followed. 

INHUS export volumes for this year are planned to reach up to €40 million, compared with €31 million last year.